The Architect goes Baroque

First off, thanks to the great team of people that this shoot came true (this shoot was so overdued thanks to me-> Ask me and I’ll tell you why. Hurhur.)

Anyways here are all the backstage photos that were taken by my co-stylist (Zureena) while the rest of the shoot photos are still with the photographer.

Photographer : Simon Soey
Photographer mentor : Alvinn Lim (Eyeredworks)
Model : Lauren Elizabeth Smith (Phantom models)
Makeup : Angeline Chan
Hair: Jacqueline Chin
Stylist : Jessica Ye
Co-Stylist : Zureena W.
Architecturist silver gown, Jessica Ye. Baroque overlapped pleated outfit, Jacqueline Chin. Ba-rock radiating pleated outfit, Jessica Ye. Black metallic zipper gladiator heels, Model own. Accessories, Stylist own.

The makeup done by Angeline

First outfit- 'Architecturist' gown. 

2nd outfit- Jacq’s baroque 2-piece outfit

More photos to come.

Cheers, Jessica Ye



3 responses to “The Architect goes Baroque

  1. HAHA! cool! how did the end photo result turned out anyway?

  2. the photos are not ready yet. the photographer had been busy with some bridal shoots lately and, he and his assistant are still processing the photos and doing some editing work to it. Overall, he said that the photos turned out great and the photos should be ready by next week or the week after.

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