Here’s a little update from my otherwise hectic week:

Well, guess what, I’m starting to love my internship right now. Although everything wasn’t smooth sailing at first, with constant hitches such as ideas and designs that were not on par with the boss’s taste, things are going pretty well now. So it’s very much like 24/7 working with graphic designs for tees on illustrator and photoshop (yes, they are my 2 bestfriends now). I reckon a long week, especially for next weekend, so it can be rather grueling though. Better to charge up my energy for what’s to come, especially monday, since I’ll have to present my designs to the boss. (*cross finger and hope all goes well)

Anyway, almost everything for the ‘Architecturist’ photoshoot tomorrow is pretty much prepared; had spent my morning steaming and altering the garments for the shoot, and my fingers hurt so much from the pins. But then again, if the shoot turns out well, it’s very worth the effort. Still, thanks again to Simon (photographer) for this collaboration that we managed to get such a magnificent model and makeup artist, and the studio.

But of course, the model plays a big part in this shoot, so this is Lauren Elizabeth Smith.

Photos taken from Phantom International and ModelMayhem

Praying that all will go well tomorrow.


Jessica Ye


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