‘Funky Town’ in 100X Strut

100X Strut Fashion Charity Show
Collection title: Funky Town Spring/Summer 09 collection by Jessica Ye
Date: 20 December 2008
Wardrobe designer: Jessica Ye
Models: Doralin Kelly and Zureena Wahap
Makeup Artist: Jacq Chin & Jessica Ye (eyelashes)
Hairstylist: Chapter 2
Fashion Show Location: *Scape building, *Scape Youth Park, Chapter 2, NTU School of art
Organized by: Young Fashion Design Society (YFDS) and *Scape Youth Park
Supported by: Textile and Fashion Federation (TAFF), Singapore
Media coverage: URBAN Singapore, Seventeen Magazine, ClubSnap Photography


The 100 X series is *scape’s annual visual feast of 100 items transformed into artworks by talented young artists – with a twist: the 100 items must be created and auctioned off for a special cause.

Last year, *scape and a team from NTU brought together 100 visual artists to paint on100 Chairs, raising a total of S$8000 for Singapore Children’s Society.

This year (2008) the 100 X series takes on the form of 100 outfits created by 50 young fashion designers. The outfits will be auctioned off in support of the Dove Self Esteem Fund and *scape


FASHION! – Outfits inspired by the strength of a Woman’s Character

50 designers from the Young Fashion Designers Society, Design schools and Professional youth designers will create street outfits for themselves and their best friend. Their work will be inspired by womanly characteristics of:

The Independent. The Passionate. The Enigma. The Activator. The Environmentalist.– http://http://www.scape.com.sg/100

The proposed project is an adaptation of 2 outfits from my Funky Town Spring/Summer 09 collection, whereby inspirations came from music genres, and how music can be an identification of one. Funky Town aims to bridge the likeness of 3 particular music genres; hiphop, nu rave and r&b into one cohesive collection by combining different elements from each genre. The result is a splash of daring colors, experimentations of psychedelic prints and manipulation of garment construction patterns.

Criss-cross overlapped tank top with paintbrushed effects and single back zip opening AND 3/4 tweed baggy pants with elastic cuff featuring contrasting front & back diagonal strips

Raved psychedelic empire dress with high front neckline and low v-cut back neckline

Clothing Designer : Jessica Ye
Makeup & Hair : Jessica Ye
Models: Zureena Wahap /Jessica Ye
Photographer: Joyce Koh (YFDS)


Clothing Designer: Jessica Ye
Hairstylist: Chapter 2
Makeup artist: Jacq Chin
Model: Doralin Kelly & Zureena Wahap
Photographer: Arthur Yap


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