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HIGH\LIGHT: All I want for Christmas

Amidst the shimmering lights and the ornate glittery affair of Christmas, nothing represents Christmas better than gifts, giving and delightful surprises during this festive season, which is why the stylish peeps from Singapore-based online multi-label retail store UNESTABLISH.COM have showered their fans with A Christmas Wish List Giveaway.

For a store that celebrates the innovative takes in fashion by global labels including Kling (Spain), Pauline Ning (Singapore), Love & Lemons (USA) & We are Tuk Tuk (UK), picking 3 favourite items from the store’s impressive and stylish offering sure is a challenging yet fulfilling task.

But nonetheless, here’s my top 3 picks:

Pick #1: Yahn Adam Wing Skulled Ring

Retailing at  SGD $149 on

Yahn Adam, a Singapore-based jewellery label who has created and crafted a ‘Glam Rock’ collection through direct inspiration from dark childhood tales, has been newly-added into UNESTABLISHED’s range of innovative labels.

The label adds a fresh vibe to the existing store’s offering with it’s clear injection of edgy motifs, notion of Light vs Darkness and unique cuts & details.

Clearly something to behold!

With the tag line: “Darkness encircled the beautiful soul.” , it’s no wonder why I’ve fallen in love with this innovative ring.

Set with amethyst stone, the famous skull motif, which has been used by many designers in clear-cut manner, has been reinvented here with the inclusion of beautiful detailed wings in a truly innovative manner.

Wear this statement piece with a solid coloured dress or a sparkly black dress in a classic meets edgy manner to celebrate in this joyful season.

Pick #2: Yahn Adam Mona’s Teardrop Earrings

Retailing at SGD 129  on

A perfect dress or top will never be complete or classy without the perfect earrings; the Mona’s Teardrop Earrings from Yahn Adam.

This singular piece of jewellery channels true classic  Hollywood glamour in a way that will never falter nor lose it’s shine over time. It will take you through season after season, and the glimmer of it’s cubic zirconia oval gem stone will brighten all outfits, even the simplest dress, which is precisely why these creations from Yahn Adam top my Christmas wish list.

Pick #3: Pauline Ning Organza Top

Retailing at SGD $239 on

 With a distinctive concoction and juxtaposition of leather paired with organza, this top from Pauline Ning plays around the contrast between sheers and solids in a cleverly thought-off silhouette that accentuate one’s edginess and style, especially when paired with slim-fit jeans and high cut boots.

It’s refined tailoring and finishing adds class to entire outfit, making it a delightful addition to one’s festive wardrobe.


And alas, it’s 9 more days to Christmas.

Have you started on your Christmas Wish List yet?

Visit UNESTABLISH.COM and start shopping for your party outfits now. What’s more, the kind folks at UNESTABLISH.COM are offering a 25% discount + free worldwide shipping + cash rebates on all your purchases. Simply use the code XMAS25 at checkout to enjoy these great privileges.

Happy shopping & we wish you a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!


Beijing: More than just the Great Wall

Will be visiting the exciting capital of China from today onwards.

And I really love this website: STYLITES, a Beijing version of the famed The Sartorialist and Yvan Rodic’s FaceHunter, of stylish peeps from the beautiful and inspiring land & streets of Beijing .

Inspired from the land with the most pagoda roofs, Nels Frye; the founder of Stylites as well as the Managing Director of Senli and Frye (a menswear and tailoring boutique in Beijing) snaps and puts together collage of stylish and somewhat-quirky dressing of Beijing-ers. Amongst those who are featured include designers, artists, models, and even, ordinary peeps (even the most uncanny uncle) who are dressed up for the day from special events to outdoor festivals, or as the genre is called, along the streets.

Walking down Changan Avenue one night in 2007, I saw an unusual hobo whose face and manner somehow reminded me of Christ.  He had a mustache, a staff, Adidas-like trainers, and a checked wool coat.  I took a snap of this odd fellow and put it on Stylites, then my blog for random, often morbid, reflections.

– Nels Frye on how his blog came along

Even Chinese Supermodel Du Juan was spotted here in a metallic sheen top in Stylites!

An interesting color-block experiment

What an awesome website that shows you that Beijing isn’t just a country with many beautiful traditional knacks and sceneries, it is also one with many stylish individuals with sartorial taste & threads.

See you in one week’s time and time to put on my sartorial blazers for the chilly weather ahead.

Ciao & Zai Jian (goodbye in Chinese).

All photos in this post are taken from Stylites Beijing :

Gareth Pugh for MAC : Limited Edition Collection

When news of this collaboration came out sometime early this year, I’ve been really excited and enthusiastic about this limited edition collection.

We all know that fashion designer Gareth Pugh’s designs have always been inclined to the Avant Garde movement; pushing boundaries with surprising elements and fabrications from latex to leather.

But when it comes to makeup, Gareth likes to play it beautiful and wearable.

The futuristic and primal element is present nonetheless, yet the colours present are sophisticated with a range of light to dark in beautifully crafted colours. Clearly opposite from his trademark style, and this is what he has to say:

“When creating my makeup collection with MAC, I wanted it to be unexpected – creating something truly beautiful, very sophisticated, and incredibly chic but of course – with an underlying edge of darkness and attitude,” explains Pugh on his colour creation.

The entire product range features cream shadows, lipsticks, powder blushes, nail lacquers and more. The range is delivered in geometric shape packaging.

And some picks from the collection:

This plum coloured lipglass in Outrage (Sheer berry with blue pearl, retailing at S$44) is simply a great colour to embrace the upcoming winter season. The seamlessly concocted metallic glitters in the lipglass, when paired with a long dark coloured wool coat, a bowler’s hat and tights, is a glamorous affair to embrace the chills of winter. And in little Singapore’s context, is a perfect pout for a glam night out.

This powder blush in Strada (retailing at S$54) is a mid-tone nude contouring powder. A great item for highlighting the best feature of your face and will complement all skin tone.

And my favorite item from the entire collection! These nail colors are unlike any other as it’s a mixture of various contrasting tones within one bottle. The result will pretty much be like a surrealist painting, a blending of tones and undertones, creating unexpected and different nail art each time you apply it.

From left to right:

* Nail Lacquer in Ascension (S$43) – Grey with blue violet reflective pearl (frost), inspired by oil slick floating on water.

* Nail Lacquer in Hyper (S$43) – deep blue with violet pearl (frost) gives a dramatic beetle shell tint when layered over black nail lacquer.

* Nail Lacquer in Inert (S$43) – Creamy mid-tone greyed nude (créme).

M.A.C Gareth Pugh Limited Edition Collection will be available from November 23, 2011 in USA, and in December internationally
including Singapore (it will retail exclusively at Tangs Orchard) (Tel: 6235-7718) 
For more information, visit

HIGH\LIGHT: Art as an arm candy

I’m terribly glad that I’ve bought myself a clutch from L’ile Aux Ashby‘s latest collection entitled Cosmopolitan Beau.

Official campaign of L'ile Aux Ashby

A mish mash of architecture, art deco, geometry and pop culture. It celebrates individualism and cohesion. Everyone is made up of unique details; and everyone ought to embrace diversity in this cosmopolitan world today. In essence, Cosmopolitan Beau can be anybody’s state of the mind and heart.

– An except from the philosophy behind the ‘Cosmopolitan Beau’ collection

The label by local designer Rayson Tan  is known for it’s iconic oversized and statement-making necklaces and has incorporated the label’s significant art deco prints onto scarves, apparels and of course, the clutch bags for this collection.

My brand new clutch (front)

With a price range of $168 to $228, these clutch bags are the ultimate arm candies to create a multi-hued look, whether it be a day outfit or a night outfit.
So hop on your ride, and head to L’ile Aux Ashby today for your art deco thrills.

Available at the L’ile Aux Ashby store in Parco @ Marina Bay as well as 5:10 Concept Store (at Kreta Ayer), Sabrina Goh (at Orchard Central) & Trioon (at Mandarin Gallery)

For more information, visit

Corporate Cannibal

I heard this song sometime ago, but never got the chance to blog about it yet.

So here it is. The wonderfully surreal video by Grace Jones, one of the greatest and most original singer and style icon of her time. ‘Corporate Cannibal’, the first single off her 2008 cd Hurricane, has really magnificient beats to the song and a visually-gripping bizarre art direction.

Lady Gaga do not even come close to this.

CLIIM Autumn | Winter 2010 Preview Book


All designs & styling | CLIIM
Photography | Shukri Samsuri
Hair | Nicholas Timothy Clancy
Makeup | Danielle Yao
Models | Amanda Dyer (Scout) | Sara C | Conrad Gabriel H | Novin R |
Copyright © CLIIM. All rights reserved.

After months of crazy stuffs, ‘warzone-like’ studios with heaps of fabrics and drafting paper, CLIIM is proud to announce that the preview of our collection is up! Furthermore, we are happy to hear rave reviews about the collection, and we are absolutely thrilled to launch our collection in May 2010.

Thanks to all the great guys who have supported us, we wouldn’t have gone this far without you, and our loved ones and friends who stood by us too. You guys rock!

Do visit our full preview book at!/album.php?aid=174998&id=354098056442&ref=mf

Alternatively, be a fan of ours at

Our full Autumn | Winter 2010 collection would be available in May 2010. { For any information or reservations, please write to us at }

We have more exciting plans in the making too. Do watch out for us.

Till then, Jessica Ye

This has been an awesome week so far, with all the fashion events happening, including invites to The Satorial Man fashion showcase by Jay Gee Melawani Group on tuesday. And yet again, I’ve been asked THRICE on who are my favorite designers. Of course, this may seem like an easy question for me to answer, let’s say, two years ago, which of course my answer would be Christian Lacroix. Undeniably, yes, he still remains one of my favorite designers to date, but I’ve shifted my style and have found favor in other innovative designers, more notably, Hussein Chalayan and Lanvin.

For those are not fashion driven, Hussein Chalayan may not ring a bell but he’s definitely innovative and truly unique. While he’s not in the mainstream cohort of names, he’s truly magnificent and I believe that in fashion it’s important that your designs are well-received by people, it’s also important to stay rooted to your dreams, your passion and of course, your style, and you got to stay confident of your own uniqueness. And obviously, he has delivered this every season with strong themes and great intellectual thinking, and that’s what fashion should be all about. Serious play, he says.

And yet again, we see so many people who are crazy over designs which are flirty, feminine, or flowery for some, but where’s the whole depth of it? Yes, i see flowers, I see pink and I see the notion of love, but so what? For me, I feel that fashion is merely a empty vase if there’s no thought going through it. There has to be substance, implication and it should translate the whole feeling, because if there’s no feeling from anything, then it’s dead.

Another designer whom I think has truly translated this concept is Alber Elbaz for Lanvin. I see the notion of confidence in the dressing for a woman who truly will go through anything for her goal and would brave through all obstacles. And that’s truly noble, brave and sensible. Alber’s strong usage of sculptural forms also shows her non-comfomity to anything that might beset her.

Lanvin 2010 campaign

Love, Jessica Ye