Introducing ‘Stark Contrast’ by Jessica Ye

As mentioned, ‘Who is Jack?’ is the artistic photography approach to ‘Stark Contrast’ menswear shirt designed by myself for a recent project. The garment itself shows a sense of systematic plaids that follow through from one fabric to another plaid fabric, yet unpredictable as the overlaps of 2 different plaid fabric with common features shows complexity and contrast in every sense. 

Thus, a photoshoot was conceptualized by my team of artistic minds from various design fields and was conducted last thursday under the photography directions of Hikari Hikaru. 

Copyrighted Jessica Ye. All garment design belongs to Jessica Ye.

Design team: Jessica Ye (garment design), Hikari Hikaru (photography), Zureena W, Charlotte L, Rowena L, Shaun Lee (photography assistants), Goh Wuchong (location & equipments), Damien Koh (model)


If all thing goes well, there should be a photoshoot collaboration with Simon coming up soon. More details are still in discussion, so it is not really confirmed yet. 

Anyway, the great thing is HOLIDAYS ARE FINALLY HERE! Finally gotten over my ‘Quality Assurance for textiles and apparel’ class and ‘Pattern grading’ class! And interview for internship at ‘Two Elements’ also went well. It’s time to let loose all hair and relax. 


Cheers, Jessica Ye


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