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HIGH\LIGHT: All I want for Christmas

Amidst the shimmering lights and the ornate glittery affair of Christmas, nothing represents Christmas better than gifts, giving and delightful surprises during this festive season, which is why the stylish peeps from Singapore-based online multi-label retail store UNESTABLISH.COM have showered their fans with A Christmas Wish List Giveaway.

For a store that celebrates the innovative takes in fashion by global labels including Kling (Spain), Pauline Ning (Singapore), Love & Lemons (USA) & We are Tuk Tuk (UK), picking 3 favourite items from the store’s impressive and stylish offering sure is a challenging yet fulfilling task.

But nonetheless, here’s my top 3 picks:

Pick #1: Yahn Adam Wing Skulled Ring

Retailing at  SGD $149 on

Yahn Adam, a Singapore-based jewellery label who has created and crafted a ‘Glam Rock’ collection through direct inspiration from dark childhood tales, has been newly-added into UNESTABLISHED’s range of innovative labels.

The label adds a fresh vibe to the existing store’s offering with it’s clear injection of edgy motifs, notion of Light vs Darkness and unique cuts & details.

Clearly something to behold!

With the tag line: “Darkness encircled the beautiful soul.” , it’s no wonder why I’ve fallen in love with this innovative ring.

Set with amethyst stone, the famous skull motif, which has been used by many designers in clear-cut manner, has been reinvented here with the inclusion of beautiful detailed wings in a truly innovative manner.

Wear this statement piece with a solid coloured dress or a sparkly black dress in a classic meets edgy manner to celebrate in this joyful season.

Pick #2: Yahn Adam Mona’s Teardrop Earrings

Retailing at SGD 129  on

A perfect dress or top will never be complete or classy without the perfect earrings; the Mona’s Teardrop Earrings from Yahn Adam.

This singular piece of jewellery channels true classic  Hollywood glamour in a way that will never falter nor lose it’s shine over time. It will take you through season after season, and the glimmer of it’s cubic zirconia oval gem stone will brighten all outfits, even the simplest dress, which is precisely why these creations from Yahn Adam top my Christmas wish list.

Pick #3: Pauline Ning Organza Top

Retailing at SGD $239 on

 With a distinctive concoction and juxtaposition of leather paired with organza, this top from Pauline Ning plays around the contrast between sheers and solids in a cleverly thought-off silhouette that accentuate one’s edginess and style, especially when paired with slim-fit jeans and high cut boots.

It’s refined tailoring and finishing adds class to entire outfit, making it a delightful addition to one’s festive wardrobe.


And alas, it’s 9 more days to Christmas.

Have you started on your Christmas Wish List yet?

Visit UNESTABLISH.COM and start shopping for your party outfits now. What’s more, the kind folks at UNESTABLISH.COM are offering a 25% discount + free worldwide shipping + cash rebates on all your purchases. Simply use the code XMAS25 at checkout to enjoy these great privileges.

Happy shopping & we wish you a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!


Women’s Fashion Week Haute Couture

See you tomorrow at the Women’s Fashion Week (WFW) Haute Couture Preview

HIGH\LIGHT: World Runway Premiere

The World Runway Premiere on 18 September at the Singapore Indoor Stadium was a spectacular and extravagant show built on a noble cause – for FashionQuake Aid (to raise funds for the Japan disaster in March 2011). The competition-cum-concert has drawn in 8 teams, with each representing their own country including Singapore.

Each team was given a budget of $5000 to source for a total of 10 looks within a scope of 3 days. And behind-the-scenes footage has indeed proved this to be a thoroughly challenging period for all teams, with all teams scouring all over the whole of Singapore to source for the items and materials they need. And with their talent and expertise, the teams have conjured up a spectrum of looks based on their own individual style and cultural background. It was truly an amazing feat looking at all the diverse variety in all 8 countries’ designs.

The judges, Tina Tan-Leo (Director of Alldressedup) as well as Forst William Brian (Fashion Design Lecturer in Raffles Design Institute) and Mr Sugar —  have quite a hard time deciding on who goes on to the next round and who will emerge as the ultimate winner. In the first round, all eight countries showcased 5 looks on their interpretation on Street Chic style, and we have France, UK, Singapore and Japan going to the next round (The Glam Round) of the competition. And it is no joke that the 4 chosen countries were really strong and competitive in the second round, especially with Jen Su (Singapore) ‘s highly sequined looks and UK’s glam-rock looks built on futuristic silhouettes.

And with much deliberations, UK emerged as winners, followed by Japan, then Singapore and lastly, France. It was truly a fabulous show with a great cause, with Yahn, Brendan, Kellis, Ying, Zureena, Ezzati and Becky.

Here are the pictures from the show:

Ooh, look who’s sitting directly in front of us in the VIP area.

And ROUND 1 of the competition: presenting Team Brazil led by Marcia Amaral with their juxtapose of colours, glitter and all-things flamboyant.

And Team France (headed by Amina Abdala) with the air of sophistication and clean-cut, simplistic elegance.

Team Italy presented a kaleidoscope of coloured prints as well as immensely gorgeous Queen Amidala-ish makeup. Pretty stunning! The head stylist, Morena Russo clearly does it well.

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HIGH\LIGHT: World Runway Premiere

See you tomorrow at the WORLD RUNWAY, 5pm @ Singapore Indoor Stadium

HIGH\LIGHT: Art as an arm candy

I’m terribly glad that I’ve bought myself a clutch from L’ile Aux Ashby‘s latest collection entitled Cosmopolitan Beau.

Official campaign of L'ile Aux Ashby

A mish mash of architecture, art deco, geometry and pop culture. It celebrates individualism and cohesion. Everyone is made up of unique details; and everyone ought to embrace diversity in this cosmopolitan world today. In essence, Cosmopolitan Beau can be anybody’s state of the mind and heart.

– An except from the philosophy behind the ‘Cosmopolitan Beau’ collection

The label by local designer Rayson Tan  is known for it’s iconic oversized and statement-making necklaces and has incorporated the label’s significant art deco prints onto scarves, apparels and of course, the clutch bags for this collection.

My brand new clutch (front)

With a price range of $168 to $228, these clutch bags are the ultimate arm candies to create a multi-hued look, whether it be a day outfit or a night outfit.
So hop on your ride, and head to L’ile Aux Ashby today for your art deco thrills.

Available at the L’ile Aux Ashby store in Parco @ Marina Bay as well as 5:10 Concept Store (at Kreta Ayer), Sabrina Goh (at Orchard Central) & Trioon (at Mandarin Gallery)

For more information, visit

HIGH\LIGHT: Holy Grail Fashion Awards – The Award Show

The much anticipated Holy Grail Fashion Awards Ceremony was held in the premises of Orchard Centre on 16 July 2011, with a grand stage and seats errected in the main level of the mall.

The show, as mentioned in my earlier post, was hosted by Paul Foster himself and the beautiful Choy Wan, and the show started with a video of all the 25 Fashionable Lot (including myself), followed by a singing performance by singer Vanessa Faith, and the award ceremony itself.

The 25 Fashionable Lots, including myself, are Amanda Ling (Former singer of Electrico, Lead Singer of Each Hand a Cutlass), May Wan (Choy’s twin sister, actress of 881), Jamie Lee Frankland (Model & Fizzy’s bestfriend) and fashion model Lena Tkacheko (whom I will be collaborating with).

Therefore, as I’ve said earlier, I would not be able to go this far without the support of my friends and family, so once again, here’s a BIG THANK YOU & MERCI BEAUCOUP! 

From left: Lena T, Melissa K, Me & Jamie Lee Frankland 

Photo source: Cozycot & my bestfriend Zureena W.
Outfit-of-the-day: Orion London Lily Dress, Bag from Topshop & Shoes from Martina Pink 


With the tagline WOMEN BY WOMEN, COZYCOT; a local website dubbed as the ultimate destination for women is holding their prestigious HOLY GRAIL FASHION & BEAUTY AWARDS to celebrate fashion and beauty in Singapore.

The show will be hosted by Actor-Model Paul Foster and Lush 99.5fm DJ Choy Wan, and will take place on 16 July 2011, Saturday at Orchard Central.

And amongst the awards, I’m thoroughly honoured to be nominated as one of the 25 Fashionable Lot, which lauds 25 of Singapore’s most stylish and successful women in their chosen fields – from the arts to the corporate world.

Once again, I’d like to thank all those who have supported me with all your love, and I believe that without all the support, I wouldn’t have been able to go this far. SO THANK YOU!