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HIGH\LIGHT: World Runway Premiere

See you tomorrow at the WORLD RUNWAY, 5pm @ Singapore Indoor Stadium

PUSH IT magazine- Defender

Issue 2: Feat. McQueen dress

Thanks to the kind permissions of the editor of PUSH IT magazine, I’m thrilled to present to you the covers of their second issue. Shot by Frank Berlin and featuring Frey Mudd on the male cover, the clothes donned on these slick slim models are made from the threads of the Maison Martin Margiela, the late Alexander McQueen and Bottega Veneta.


Issue 2: Feat. Maison Martin Margiela dress

Issue 2: Feat. Bottega Veneta dress


As for the title of the magazine, Defender, the issue is dedicated to the many fashionable ways we protect and defend ourselves, and how in this day and age we are all Defenders! From blocking people on facebook, to screening calls and double-locking our doors, who are you defending yourself from?

Issue 2: Feat. Outfit from Alexander McQueen

The magazines are available to purchase from select outlets worldwide and from:


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BANG, you’re IT!

It seems like Marc Jacobs is one who is constantly challenging himself and intriguing his customers in every single way. Remember his past campaigns especially the iconic one with Victoria Beckham poking her head out of a gigantic Marc Jacobs paper bag?

Source: Refinery 29

This time, it’s not about campaigns, rather it’s about a facebook game that takes poking to a whole new level. In honour of the new Marc Jacob scent, Bang, he launched a facebook game entitled ‘Bang, you’re it!’ yesterday, and this game involves “banging” (as the title suggests) your friend’s profile pictures, thus giving your mug the same impacted, crumpled look as the Bang fragrance bottle.

The more profiles you “Bang,” the more points you get (bonus points for getting banged by people from other countries, and—appropriately—for getting banged after midnight). One special bang player will be chosen each day to win a prize, including the fragrance, Marc Jacobs clothing, and even an insane trip to NYC to attend the MJ runway show. The fragrance itself is available at Bloomingdale’s and at Marc Jacobs boutiques for $55 for the 1.7 oz. and $75 for the 3.4 oz.
What are you waiting for? Start banging your friends’ profile pictures now! (Click HERE for the game)
* Prices stated are in USD$
Disclaimer: The prize is only opened to those who live in the United States and the United Kingdom

Roisin Murphy | Viktor & Rolf SS2010 Paris

This is probably one of the worst collection from Viktor & Rolf. I totally don’t understand the direction of the collection; were they even thinking about toilet brushes and lamp shades when they designed those outfits? Because I honestly think that’s where their designs were inspired from.

Thankfully it wasn’t all that absurd as Róisín Murphy’s ‘Demon Lover’ and a few other more wearable outfits did help save their show. It’s a pity she had to perform alongside a hideous collection like this.

Dancing on my own

Robyn’s newest single “Dancing on my own” from her first album in 2010, entitled ‘Body Talk Pt. 1‘ is a real gem. For some reasons, it sounds very 1980s Madonna-ish. Nonetheless, the best remix of this song which I have heard so far has got to be the Fred Falke Club mix, which features tinge of industrial beats.

Corporate Cannibal

I heard this song sometime ago, but never got the chance to blog about it yet.

So here it is. The wonderfully surreal video by Grace Jones, one of the greatest and most original singer and style icon of her time. ‘Corporate Cannibal’, the first single off her 2008 cd Hurricane, has really magnificient beats to the song and a visually-gripping bizarre art direction.

Lady Gaga do not even come close to this.