HIGH\LIGHT: World Runway Premiere

The World Runway Premiere on 18 September at the Singapore Indoor Stadium was a spectacular and extravagant show built on a noble cause – for FashionQuake Aid (to raise funds for the Japan disaster in March 2011). The competition-cum-concert has drawn in 8 teams, with each representing their own country including Singapore.

Each team was given a budget of $5000 to source for a total of 10 looks within a scope of 3 days. And behind-the-scenes footage has indeed proved this to be a thoroughly challenging period for all teams, with all teams scouring all over the whole of Singapore to source for the items and materials they need. And with their talent and expertise, the teams have conjured up a spectrum of looks based on their own individual style and cultural background. It was truly an amazing feat looking at all the diverse variety in all 8 countries’ designs.

The judges, Tina Tan-Leo (Director of Alldressedup) as well as Forst William Brian (Fashion Design Lecturer in Raffles Design Institute) and Mr Sugar —  have quite a hard time deciding on who goes on to the next round and who will emerge as the ultimate winner. In the first round, all eight countries showcased 5 looks on their interpretation on Street Chic style, and we have France, UK, Singapore and Japan going to the next round (The Glam Round) of the competition. And it is no joke that the 4 chosen countries were really strong and competitive in the second round, especially with Jen Su (Singapore) ‘s highly sequined looks and UK’s glam-rock looks built on futuristic silhouettes.

And with much deliberations, UK emerged as winners, followed by Japan, then Singapore and lastly, France. It was truly a fabulous show with a great cause, with Yahn, Brendan, Kellis, Ying, Zureena, Ezzati and Becky.

Here are the pictures from the show:

Ooh, look who’s sitting directly in front of us in the VIP area.

And ROUND 1 of the competition: presenting Team Brazil led by Marcia Amaral with their juxtapose of colours, glitter and all-things flamboyant.

And Team France (headed by Amina Abdala) with the air of sophistication and clean-cut, simplistic elegance.

Team Italy presented a kaleidoscope of coloured prints as well as immensely gorgeous Queen Amidala-ish makeup. Pretty stunning! The head stylist, Morena Russo clearly does it well.

TEAM JAPAN (consisting of stylist Takafumi Kawasaki, hairstylist Chinatsu Nobe and makeup artist Hisano Komine) walking the runway as they presented a cultural-fueled design collection and over-the-top hairdos that somewhat resemble flowers.

Nude may just be the new dressed-up, as showcased by Team Russia (headed by Alexey Pantykin)’s interpretation of Street Chic with their skin-tone fabrics and fetish with lingerie.

Team USA had presented a rather safe collection, with pretty youthful and fun getups. And I’m kinda in love with metal necklace, ferocious much.

And of course, Team Singapore with our very own Jen Su, Derrick Fun and hairstylist Antonio Cheng!

And of course, my another favorites would be the UK team (consisting of stylist Mike Adler, hairstylist Simon Setter and makeup artist Begona Alegra)! Those contoured PVC bodysuits, sequins, motorcycle-chic and futuristic edge just made me fall in love and even speechless with their entire collection. It’s so much like Gareth Pugh meet Alexander McQueen.

Ooh, don’t you just love the alien-like eyebrows on all the model? It’s the signature identity in the entire collection.

And of course, the long deliberation amongst the 3 judges on who goes on to the next round sparked lots of discussion, and we now know that the 4 teams that went onto the next round, the GLAM round are: Singapore, UK, France and Japan. Some photos from round 2 to show the competitiveness from each fashion capital:

Singapore kicked off the 2nd round a spellbound glittery affair with full unleash of sequins against multicolored hues in Jen’s signature funky style.

Highly flavored with cultured elements, Japan presented edgy looks set against kimono and large, elaborated hair ornaments. Nothing beats the full-on glitter bodysuit underneath the beautifully printed kimono in the last look of the collection. Simply fantastic!

And lastly, UK with it’s spectacular collection once again, with their interpretation of glamour in it’s highest perfection!

And what we wore for the event:

Photo Credits: World Runway

Photo Credits: World Runway

* All photos are taken by me unless otherwise stated. All rights reserved. 


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