HIGH\LIGHT: Holy Grail Fashion Awards – The Award Show

The much anticipated Holy Grail Fashion Awards Ceremony was held in the premises of Orchard Centre on 16 July 2011, with a grand stage and seats errected in the main level of the mall.

The show, as mentioned in my earlier post, was hosted by Paul Foster himself and the beautiful Choy Wan, and the show started with a video of all the 25 Fashionable Lot (including myself), followed by a singing performance by singer Vanessa Faith, and the award ceremony itself.

The 25 Fashionable Lots, including myself, are Amanda Ling (Former singer of Electrico, Lead Singer of Each Hand a Cutlass), May Wan (Choy’s twin sister, actress of 881), Jamie Lee Frankland (Model & Fizzy’s bestfriend) and fashion model Lena Tkacheko (whom I will be collaborating with).

Therefore, as I’ve said earlier, I would not be able to go this far without the support of my friends and family, so once again, here’s a BIG THANK YOU & MERCI BEAUCOUP! 

From left: Lena T, Melissa K, Me & Jamie Lee Frankland 

Photo source: Cozycot & my bestfriend Zureena W.
Outfit-of-the-day: Orion London Lily Dress, Bag from Topshop & Shoes from Martina Pink 


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