Audi Fashion Festival Day 6


Titled ‘Passage of Dreams‘, the Triumph annual fashion show at the Audi Fashion Festival 2011 never fails to pique my interest, especially in the intricate workmanship and showmanship of the pieces.

The show was divided into 3 segments, and there’s a robotic voice-over annoucing the year (sort of like a travel through time concept) since it’s their 125th anniversary. Thanks to the invites from Jennifer from Triumph, I was able to witness their incredible history.

Future -Year 4086 was the first segment of the show where the models donned on avant garde pieces from the winners of the Triumph Inspiration Awards competition (from 2009-2011, including the Grace Eliana Sugiarto’s piece which being was featured in Cheryl Cole’s music video, ‘Promise this’.

The second segment, Past-Year 1886 embraces the Victorian age in full-blown floral prints & intricate laces as models carry lace fans and romantic umbrellas down the runway.

Present-Year 2011 being the third segment and the current time, is more wearable, commercially-viable and very fashion forward. There were a variety of 2-piece outfits along with 1-piece night dresses.

Birthday Party celebrates and highlights the intented 125th Anniversary message with pieces made of sugary candies and sweet colours. It was truly a show to remember.


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