Mango Summer Celebrations 2011

On friday, we witnessed the annual fashion showcase of Spanish label Mango’s Summer Celebrations 2011 in the premises of the duo-level Mango Shaw Boutique (as staged in Audi Fashion Festival 2010) in Scotts Road, inclusive of a fashion show which showcases the Spring/Summer 2011 modernist collection and an exclusive 20% storewide discount for the guests.

It was staged within the areas of the store, and the crowd impact hit a tremendous high level of more than 400 people, including press and media. It was truly a night to remember as I was part of the organizing committee. There’s nothing sweeter than seeing your hard work pay off in a night of enjoyment for all your guests.

Most importantly, my heartfelt thanks to the events peeps & emcee Juping, the 8 wonderful models, people and friends who attended, including Glenn Tan, Shai Tarantism, Shontelle, Nadya& her boyfriend.

Some photos from the night: (Courtesy from Photographer Glenn Tan)

The awesome photobooth with Shai, Nadya, Shontelle and Nicola


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