Viktor & Rolf S/S 2011

While the New York Fashion Week may be disappointing, Paris Fashion Week was the entire reverse. Packed with creatively infused clothes, crowd and what-not, I bet the adreline was at it’s max during the days.

I may have thought that Viktor & Rolf‘s previous collection was highly disappointing, and gross in a way (as I have made certain references), this S/S 2011 collection is a total  different story. I just have to say that it’s cleverly crafted and thought-through, and it’s innovative in a good way (which is why I still love Viktor & Rolf).

Fashion weeks aside, I’m pretty happy that my debut project at my company went well. In case you didn’t know, you can head down to Isetan Scotts and check out the level 1 & level 2 visual displays of the Japan Fashion & Lifestyle Festival from 8 – 21 October 2010. Get yourself some awesome clothes while you’re there too!


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