Just a while ago, I’ve chanced on a post by blog.modelmanagement, and it cleverly highlights the key aspects that questions the “why-nots” of today’s modern technology, given the fact that we have limitless sources and means to equip everything with technology, including clothes.

One collection that really blew me out of my seat some years back was Hussein Chalayan‘s 15000 colored LED dresses in his F/W 2007-2008 collection, where computer experts have cleverly engineered micro-chips and boards to create the lighted effect that was seen in the dress.

That collection was indeed the key drive that is pushing fashion designers of today. What was seen then as the most spectacular thing one has even seen became the “goal” of every creative personnel. Nobody can deny that technology is everywhere in the world, so why not in clothes too?

Galaxy Dress by CuteCircuit

As the title has stated, HI-TECH COUTURE is a turning point for all couturiers, as mentioned by BBC’s Technology Reporter, Zoe Kleinman:

“Since the creation of the very first wearable computer in 1961, generations of fashion designers, academics, computer programmers and scientists have been collaborating to create garments which fuse haute couture with hi-tech”,

so it’s safe to say that haute couture might soon resemble hi-tech couture as haute couture has always meant something that’s unique and custom-made and that pushes the envelope a bit.

Rihanna and Katy Perry wearing Led-encrusted dresses

If you think this is a disposable trend in the fashion world, think again. Because what has been mentioned has already been tried out by celebrities in their performances, and have had success in it. These CuteCircuit-engineered (an Interaction Design and Wearable Technology company, which specializes in the development of wearable interfaces for telecommunication and smart textiles.) dresses include a small electric circuit and are powered by watch batteries stitched into the label. Very interesting, isn’t it?


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