I’m thrilled to present the new exclusive latest offering from the pioneer brand of the sports world, NIKE entitled AW77.

Drawing back to Nike’s esteemed history in Running for Inspiration; from the early inventions of Bill Bowerman, to the Athletic West program of the late 70s, Nike’s design team doesn’t just look back at the amazing archives of products, philosophies and stories, but looks to continue to innovate for athletes today – whether in the form of reshaping footwear and apparel for a new era, or taking the best parts of creations of the past and remixing elements to create all new styles. The way how the world sees running has been revolutionized.

No longer is the daily runner conservative and single-focused, but they’re creative, influential, and use running not just as a means to stay fit, but to break away and find a creative space.

And these are all encompassed in Nike Sportswear (NSW) Fall 2010 collection for the Athletic West (AW) series:

AW77 – An Everyday Staple with an Everyday History

Athletics West was started by Nike and Geoff Hollister in 1977, created in an effort to turn US Track and Field around. In the same way Athletics West was created to help its athletes perform. Geoff Hollister’s Athletics West running team trained in standard issue fleece. But Hollister, like so many under the Nike Flag, believed there was a better way. Hollister took the hoody and improved it. He made it a half-zip for added breathability, but with less of a seam to help keep the natural elements out. The Nike AW77 was born, marking the beginning of Nike’s obsessive and endless quest to perfect fleece for athletes.

In the collection, NSW has readopted the original proportions and modernized them. The challenge to the Nike design team was to continue to innovate a classic silhouette. This season, a graphic story of Athletics West is told throughout the collection, alongside a new composite fleece, side seams laser cut bonded to eliminate chafing, and waterproof zips.

Moreover, with the monsoon season overhead of us and the heavy downpours, it’ll be chic to don on these comfortable apparels to keep overselves warm and dry at the same time. Throw in a pair of tights and a long tank top underneath the Nike AW77 hooded sweatshirts plus your favorite pair of Nike boots , and you’re fully armoured against the rain and ready to head for town. And on the way, you can even drop a visit to your favorite gym too.

Get your AW77 sweatshirts at all NIKE stores.
Available in full zip and half zip versions, with sweatshirts in the full range.


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