The 3D Era

Just last year, the 3D era has made a massive appearance (or strikeback, if you are one of those who actually caught Spy Kids 3D a long time ago or one of those 3D flicks). Everything is going 3D, including fashion photoshoots!

This will not come as a surprise if you have actually seen the ingenious ‘TOTAL ECLIPSE OF THE HEART” fashion spread in ARCHETYPE X magazine issue 1, which was shot by Baldovino Baranis and set in Shanghai Film Studios, and features model Yana Pova [Muse models] (above)

And it seems that this whole 3D take on fashion photoshoots is here to stay (for a long time). I’ve seen creative interpretations of this growing trend among some of the works of fashion photographers here in Singapore, and they all have their own uniqueness to it.

Before you pass it off as a fad, EXPOSED (in the summer issue of Dress to kill magazine) by Max Abadian, featuring Kate Sommers will prove you wrong The whole black & white effect on the wardrobe complement the whole 3D feel, so you just see the effect and not get distracted by another other hues, which makes it look effortlessly stylish and sleek.

Source: Dress to kill magazine
Before you throw away your blue-red lens 3D specs, think again. This innocent-looking item may just be your passport to the 3D world (or survival guide, depending on how you think of it), be it watching the TV set, watching your blockbuster movies or even flipping through the crisp pages of your favorite magazine.
Store those specs like a gem, because it won’t be long before 3D takes over everything you ever know of.

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