This has been an awesome week so far, with all the fashion events happening, including invites to The Satorial Man fashion showcase by Jay Gee Melawani Group on tuesday. And yet again, I’ve been asked THRICE on who are my favorite designers. Of course, this may seem like an easy question for me to answer, let’s say, two years ago, which of course my answer would be Christian Lacroix. Undeniably, yes, he still remains one of my favorite designers to date, but I’ve shifted my style and have found favor in other innovative designers, more notably, Hussein Chalayan and Lanvin.

For those are not fashion driven, Hussein Chalayan may not ring a bell but he’s definitely innovative and truly unique. While he’s not in the mainstream cohort of names, he’s truly magnificent and I believe that in fashion it’s important that your designs are well-received by people, it’s also important to stay rooted to your dreams, your passion and of course, your style, and you got to stay confident of your own uniqueness. And obviously, he has delivered this every season with strong themes and great intellectual thinking, and that’s what fashion should be all about. Serious play, he says.

And yet again, we see so many people who are crazy over designs which are flirty, feminine, or flowery for some, but where’s the whole depth of it? Yes, i see flowers, I see pink and I see the notion of love, but so what? For me, I feel that fashion is merely a empty vase if there’s no thought going through it. There has to be substance, implication and it should translate the whole feeling, because if there’s no feeling from anything, then it’s dead.

Another designer whom I think has truly translated this concept is Alber Elbaz for Lanvin. I see the notion of confidence in the dressing for a woman who truly will go through anything for her goal and would brave through all obstacles. And that’s truly noble, brave and sensible. Alber’s strong usage of sculptural forms also shows her non-comfomity to anything that might beset her.

Lanvin 2010 campaign

Love, Jessica Ye


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