First off, it’s been a really long time since i’ve blogged as i was busy with my graduate collection, but guess what, it’s finally over!

My graduate collection entitled VISIONAIRE autumn|winter 2010 was being showcased to an armstrong of invited guests last thursday at my school’s convention centre. The length of the runway stage don’t look really promising at first (for starters, it’s really really short for a catwalk stage). But thank goodness the choreography of the models made the whole presentation longer (to our advantage).

Overall, it was a fruitful experience and I was really thrilled to have receive rave reviews for my collection from friends and industry guests. And the biggest special thanks would go to Riyan Haffys (for our crazy Malaysia shoe-sourcing trip and the showstopping accessories). Other thanks would go to the team behind Six Photography (Uncle Tuck, Ryan, Nas and Shaz) for their awesome photography of the campaign photoshoots and video, and also thanks to all my invited guests who turned up at the show. You guys rock!

Models for { Visionaire by Jessica Ye }: Yoshimi Sato | Maiko T | Paula V | Kelvin K (Ksusha Konoplyasova) | Anastasia Verner

My models in my collection and I (backstage). Thanks to Felicia Loi for the photo.

Yoshimi Sato & Maiko T in VISIONAIRE (both models are the best of friends! Awesome or what?)


Fashion Rocks Asia Singapore

And apart from my graduation show, I’m also in the midst of preparation for CLIIM’s autumn|winter 2010 fashion collection, which will be showcased at Fashion Rocks Asia 2010 show on 28 April 2010. Like any other labels preparing for the April fashion festive (yes, the one and only Audi Fashion Festival), we are seeing heaps of fabrics, pins, needles, and crazy amount of threads all around while preparing for our collection, and it’s no wonder my place looks like a warzone now.

photography by Justin Tan

Plus, we have shoots coming up and lookbooks to settle, so well, bear with us as we promise this collection will be a blast. So while you are waiting to get your hands on our menswear, womenswear or accessories (or all of them all!), you can add us up on our CLIIM’s Facebook Fan Page and be part of our crazy fashion adventure. So whether you’re in Singapore, or in the States, or Down Under or Anywhere, be sure to check us out as we are going INTERNATIONAL. Additionally, you can bookmark CLIIM as photos of our collection would be up real soon!

Much love, Jessica Ye


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