After a long week at work, and full 9 hours at my company’s shop (2 elements, Orchard Central) daily, here I am blogging again. Well overall, work has been fine, with lots of challenges as always but many learning experiences if not, revisions of what I’ve learnt so far. Nonetheless, the best thing is still the fact that I can blast my songs on the shop’s stereos.

So these are some songs that’s on my playlist:

1. Inside and Out - Feist
2. Runaway - Ladytron

3. 1963 - Rachael Yamagata

4. Heavy Cross - The Gossip

5. Absolutely Still - Better than Ezra

6. Take the ocean - Angels are Architect

7. Paperplanes - MIA

8. I am not a robot- Marina & the diamonds

9. Salt air - Chew Lips

10. Until we bleed - Kleerup feat Lykke Li

Anyway, today’s a saturday and I’m going to make sure I have a great time in town later on. For now, I have to make sure I compile all the chosen t-shirt/polo shirt designs to pass it to my boss in the main office on monday.

Cheers, Jessica Ye

P.S. the image above is a Vogue cover from 1940s, and I dare say that cover is even better (more artistic) than that of present Vogue covers. Love the ‘VOGUE’ typography.


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