Once again, hello readers!

As the title goes, today is my birthday and thank you so much to all those who flooded my handphone with sms birthday wishes, facebook wishes, presents and especially to bestie Wardah, who gave me the first present 1 day earlier than my actual birthday. Thank you so so much! I had a great day overall, and I wouldn’t complain that I’m one year older at all.

So other than my birthday, there’s also Dawn & Gary’s wedding today, and boy, the wedding reception at the Asian Civilisation Musuem was great. The food was marvelous, the whole setting, and even, the flower throwing part of the ceremony (you won’t believe who caught the flower in the first throw; Weixiang got it!)

Anyway, I had a great day. More fun ahead though.

Cheers, Jessica Ye


One response to “birthdayBIRTHDAYbirthday

  1. Happy Birthday!
    Love the quote so much, it seems that we can do it a better day and life…it´s all up to us :))))

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