Amidst the unforgiving, busy and hectic school life that I have, here I am with a new point after… *gasp … 2 weeks or so.

Thing’s kind of messy with my schedule and all since internship is coming up about less than a month’s time, and I’m just trying to clear off my last 2 modules; tailoring and public speaking before i go for my internship with a stress-free mind. Just to update, my internship interview and procedues went well, and I got the acceptance letter from the company via my lecturer, so it’s it, I’m going to TWO ELEMENTS ! Thanks to all those who wished me well before my interview and all, you guys rock my socks! And of course, thank you so much to Damien, Reena and Hikari for the photoshoot which was extremely helpful to my internview!

So anyway, I was in school for both Saturdays, both last week and today for the APEL3 (applied effective living) lessons conducted by my lecturers, and I could say I wasn’t the least inspired by what came out from their mouths (apart from the inspiring movie played last week, of course). I mean, it’s common for pretense and unreal emotions to be seen in the fashion industry, but it was still very unsettling to hear the very meaning and examples of morals values especially integrity coming out from the mouth of the very person who is known to be so fake and bias in what she does. This also applied to a particular one whose middle name is deceit, cheat and copycat. I just couldn’t stand the way how people like these can lie through their teeth so effortlessly and expect others to believe them like a fool. What a crook! I have absolutely no respect for such beings, they seriously don’t deserve it at all. I’m just amazed how many actually turned their backs away from her now that people pretty much figured out her true colors behind that bootlicking facade and sweetened words (too much of sweet things can make you diabetic) of hers. See what I say about what goes around comes around, now you’re just having the appetizer of your deserts, the main course has yet to arrive my dear.

Anyway, couture autumn/winter 09 is out:

From Dior –

Spanish influence = check

Satin and more satin = check

Lots of ruffles and frills = check

This whole collection is so full of pinks, and it’s really DIOR to your face!!! I’m not exactly the pink type of person at all, but this whole collection aptly reminds me of those Barbie dolls that I had played while growing up ten years back. Thankfully my mum didn’t throw all of them away just yet, she still left me my favorite Marilyn Monroe edition of Barbie. Yay!

From Giorgio Armani-

Oh, how I adore Armani, one of my very favorite designer who makes classic tailoring so modern, chic yet deliver such sharp and defined silhouettes. I totally love every outfit, especially the sculpted shoulder jacket and pants suit (second photo). Speaking of Armani, I want to buy another pair of Armani sunglasses. One isn’t enough.


Black cloak with red lining – Count Dracula much? Wait… or is it his daughter?

Reena, you got to check this gown out. Full tutu alert! I’ll sew you a purple tutu skirt if you promise me you’ll pair it with your Dior vest.

More photos to be uploaded soon.


Jessica Ye


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