Fashion is a religion

If the tagline:


reminds you of Vogue being noted as the fashion bible and what it has been known for all these years, you won’t be very surprise this has to do with chief editor of Vogue US, Anna Wintour.

Well, this is the reign of a Queen so renowned that a nod from her is akin to a cert that recognizes a fashion designer’s talent. This is probably the sole reason and inspiration for Heidi Klum’s favorite line on the Project Runway show: “In fashion, one day you’re in, next day you’re out.” Whether you’re in or out, the Queen decides your fate.

So then, how does one actually read this Queen’s mind? What makes this Queen so superior and important in this industry? What actually makes Vogue the fashion bible over the other glossy mags out there?

Movie poster courtesy of Kirby Marzec from FASHIONINDIE

Well, your questions will all be answered with a film entitled ‘The September Issue’ that will hit theaters on August 28th. While the wait for the film may be 2 months away, why not get your hands on the July 09 Vogue issue featuring Lily Donaldson? I promise this is really an editorial worth seeing.

Till then, I hope I can spend the remaining days of my school holidays in a meaningful way (like trying to conceptualize a fashion label that has been on my mind for a very long time but I just don’t have the time to think through and design, and getting a long overdue photoshoot settled) before my days stuck in the sewing room trying to tackle tailoring commences (okay, I am exaggerating now). But I seriously hope and I pray hard that classes will not be cancelled due to H1N1 or whatsoever.


Jessica Ye


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