Spotted: The undercovers in Florence

Those asymmetrical drapes, unpredictable folds and pleats, unfamiliar yet interesting mixtures of fabrics, and the all-so-avant-garde looks ; we would immediately associate them with the great Yohji, CDG, Junya, Limi Feu and not forgetting, UNDERCOVER.

Yes, UNDERCOVER has done it again, but this time not on the label’s home grounds, they showed their 2010 menswear collection at the giant Renaissance Vasca dell’Isola pond in Pitti fashion trade show, Florence on 17 June 09.

Bizarre as Undercover’s designer Jun Takahashi seems with his utter obsession with creepy dolls (he even made one doll which was shown at the post-show supper in Boboli Gardens), his collection consist of skinny male models modelling alongside a series of bizarre statues of the Renaissance Vasca dell’Isola pond in industrial gray clothes and jackets which can be morphed into backpacks.

As unpredictable as these sound, Jun Takahashi has a long history of using high-tech fabrics and finishes in the most practical way and has always created such magic for all the clothing he has designed (that also includes the open-toed sandal sneakers with river running soles and gladiator straps). Not only that, Jun Takahashi had always managed to capture the true identity of menswear in which men can relate to; a subtle elegance in tailoring and soft silhouettes and staying away from flashy clothes.

Brilliantly undercover, I say!

Cheers, Jessica Ye


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