Sequel to ‘Who is Jack?’

‘Who is Jack’  photoshoot was being carried out last thursday in an amphitheatre in order to give a dynamic drive and attitude to the photos. Although it is assumed that the model was named ‘Jack’, he is actually called Damien and is an avid water sportsman who apparently has a very strong character and build to carry the clothes off, thus, the name ‘Jack’ was merely a personification of the character given to the garment.

What actually happened last thursday was an involvement of 8 people (5 of whom were from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts) from different specialised design fields who have come together to produce a photoshoot. Each with their own perception of  ‘Stark Contrast’ menshirt and the versatility of new ideas have conceptualized a total of 30 shoots, of which, 3 were chosen as the final product.

The participating people are as follow:

Clothing designer: Jessica Ye (myself)
Photographer: Hikari Hikaru
Photography assistants: Zureena Wahap, Charlotte Lim, Rowena Lau, Shaun Lee
Location and equipments: Goh Wu Chong
Location: Amphitheatre
Model: Damien Koh

Some photos will be posted up very shortly.

Cheers, Jessica Ye


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