Shopping mood is here to stay, as apparel production 3 is (phew..) over. Needless to say, I’m thoroughly impressed when I saw the fashion of joint retail project done by the RVM-ers (Retail & Visual Merchandising sector of Apparel design course), ‘SILENCE N NOISE‘. It was very well organised, choreographed and well-designed (Josiah designed a neon-raved capsule collection of hardcore necklaces and accessories for them, Rid & Gladyn’s drapery label; ‘Prototype‘ and Bessie & Emily’s bag label; ‘BADHABITS”), and what more, DJ Inquisitive was there to spin the decks. Although I wished I bought more stuff (such as Josiah’s neon safety pins ring, that artsy painterly top and snakeskin bag from BADHABITS), I only bought a pair of zebra-print leggings in the end due to time constraint as I had to rush back to the sewing room to continue sewing my pants submission.

Anyway, this weekend is finally free of projects and what-not. WOHOO!

SHOES SHOES SHOES. I need new shoes.
And I’m still lusting over that MaxMara lime green tailored coat I saw at Zouk’s Flea& Easy with KaiMing. Will the store owner contact me please? I want that coat and I didn’t catch your name.

Jessica Ye

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