AFF Special

The greatest fashion festival in Singapore has arrived.

On thursday, there were 2 marvelous shows led by the unconventional Gareth Pugh and Blueprint. Though I didn’t manage to go, I’m utterly happy especially for Reckless Ericka (honed by Diorelle Sy and her group of designers) and wishes the brand all the best in what they do. I’m looking forward to the launch of clothes on their website. (RECKLESS ERICKA)

Yesterday was Ashley Isham’s show, and I finally went for it. I loved the last dress that was shown and some other few embellished gowns which totally scream ‘glamour and glitz’, while there’s other drapery gowns which I thought were rather safe.

OPENING OF ASHLEY ISHAM’S SHOW (recorded by phone cam, so pardon the quality as I didn’t bring my actual cam)


I swear I thought I saw Fizzy in the show, so I called his phone.

Jessica: Fizzy, were you there during ashley isham's show? i thought i saw you there.
Fizzy: yeah, i was. Was I hot?
Jessica: uh. Where are you now?
Fizzy: Toa Payoh
Jessica: What? Toa Payoh? Did you teleported yourself there or what?
Fizzy: I lied. I was not there, I was in Toa Payoh working.
Jessica: Idiot! I almost believed you. ah, damn!

Holy shit, Fizzy, you have a twin! (Someone that looks exactly like you and dresses the same exact way!) ah ha!

Anyway, today will be a busy day sorting out some stuffs. And tomorrow will be a full recharge with crazy madness shopping at Zouk’s flea and easy fashion elite edition and so on and so forth.

Ta da!


Jessica Ye


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