DIY Magic


What happens when a fashion designer gets a little time on her hand?

She would either be 1) indulging in some good fashion reads or 2) shopping or maybe 3) even conjure up something for herself  and friends.

Well, I went along with the 3rd choice and made myself a paper craft-inspired necklace from houndstooth printed cotton acetate and denim fabrics. And I wore it to school, along with my handy faux zebra bag and chain-printed dress.

I’m currently still experimenting with a new diy project of mine. Will post up the pictures when I’m done with it.



Today is the first day of class in my senior year (the word senior just make me think I’m getting OLD. Oh my!) and I had Apparel Production 3, and we’re doing on menswear (finally!). Well, the first task was to sew up a mens shirt, and the second, either a mens/womens pants. The good thing in this module is the drafting is pretty much similar to womenswear, which means, it’s quite a familiar subject and should not cause huge problems (I hope).  Anyway, there’s this journal thing that we need to do up which could serve as great purpose in future, so there’s lots of researching to do. And by the way, thank you Huong (if you are reading this) for the great gift.


Jessica Ye


3 responses to “DIY Magic

  1. OMG I WANT ONE OF THOSE!!!! MAKE FOR ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Wow, that necklace is hot!!!
    Especially the pairing of the pink and denim fabric.

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