Before the tough gates of school open tomorrow, and a ton of projects awaits every design students, there’s one thing left on the holiday must-do list that has to be completed, by hook or by crook (yes, i’m serious about this).

Source: Elle.com

As we all recall, those huge chainlike necklaces seen at Louis Vuitton Fall 09 runway show are actually great inspirations that can spur a newer creation, with the help of fabric scraps I have collected (leftover fabric from fashion projects) and of course, a sewing machine. While some kind folks at Elle.com teaches that the most secure way to connect one chain to another is by using hot glue gun, I say a single line lockstitch with the sewing machine is more durable. Plus, you can use contrasting color thread to create a statement, especially if you want the artsy-farty look and all.

What more, if you think the necklace in Louis Vuitton was too clean-cut, you can also go top-of-the-hill with your designs, by using contrasting and maybe, contradicting pattern fabrics set against hi-shine fabrics and all. Afterall, being unpredictable is the key of Christian Lacroix’s game.

Well, thank goodness there’s no lessons on Monday after the Director’s Comm, I will have the free time to do my little experiment, and maybe, try out few other ideas which I’ve thought of the last hour. Wish me luck.


Jessica Ye


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