Susan Boyle; the name to remember

If there’s anyone who’s got talent on Britain’s Got Talent, it’s Susan Boyle.

The unexpect twist in that whole audition episode can easily move anyone to tears; from a woman who has been prone to cynical critics and insult to an overnight singing sensation with a voice that’s on par with Elaine Paige (the singer who sang ‘Memory’ in Cats).

Reports have it that Simon Cowell has already started planning a singing contract for her, and many of her fans are urging her to release an album immediately. As I’ve mentioned on Facebook a fews hours back, I’m thoroughly blown by Susan’s performance and will definitely buy her album should she release one.

Nonetheless, I feel that Britain’s got talent really showcases some of the rarest and most unique types of talent; from Susan Boyle to 10-year-old Charlie Green (unfortunately he was ousted from the 2008 semi-finals due to wrong choice of song), and even, George Sampson, the winner of the 2008 show.

Truly a talented dancer, he could give Michael Jackson a run for the ‘Dancing King’ title.

Till then, ciao.


Jessica Ye


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