5 sins to die for

As the saying goes “Shopping is a therapy itself, I hereby bring you 5 sinful and lustful must-haves in the fashionista world.

1. We all adore and love Jeremy Scott’s ultimate psychadelic printed apparels (the likes of Emilio Pucci in a louder fashion). He pushes all bland and boring patterns out of everyone’s palette, and replace it with his signature prints in daring hues. Once you had Jeremy Scott, all the patterns in the world would look dull. There’s no better way to get his dose of print therapy than to look at his JEREMY loves KSUBI Spring 09 collection.

Shop for Jeremy loves Ksubi now!

2. Sensual, relaxing and beautiful; bringing MESOP, a Melbourne fashion label to you. For once, we get things nice and easy in this modern hectic world, Mesop brings a mind of ease to wearer, and lets the wearer forget all worldly stress and to indulge in serenity through comfort, uncomplicated silhouettes and delicate detailings.

One of the label’s must-haves is their nylon leggings which are highly versatile; allowing matching with several tops, jackets and coats. Be in spring, summer, winter or autumn, their leggings stay in the wardrobe of all fashionistas.

Go to www.mesop.com now!

3. Thinking about sports and avant garde fashion, look and think no more, for fashion maestro Yohji Yamamoto has lent his creative expertise to the Adidas design team, creating a collection of sports apparels in sleek, fashionable and chic silhoutte while retaining the functionality present in all Adidas apparels.

Get them in the likes of shoes, clothes and even accessories, for you know with Y3 and Adidas, you will never be out of fashion.

To view more, go to http://www.adidas.com/y-3/

4. We all know Marc Jacobs has a very interesting reputation, history, love-life, rehab and all, so setting all these notable facts of Marc Jacobs beside his fashion design career, it is no wonder he can weave up such unique pieces, whereby some have already become signature pieces for his brand. For his fall/winter 09 collection shown in 2009 Fall New York Fashion Week, he showed his escapade to the future with signature wow-factors in hues, silhouettes and the notion of confidence presented on the runway. At hand, only his Spring/Summer 09 collection is purchasable via pret-a-porter.com, yet with such success, we know many fashionistas out there is anticipating for the launch of the fall/winter09 collection. So for now, keep him in mind, note it somewhere in your diary or organiser less you forget the launch should it come anytime soon.

Till then, I shall satisfy your anticipation with a preview of this stunning collection.

5. Feed your literary needs in a fashionable way. There’s no better way in doing that than to buy the LITTLE DICTIONARY OF FASHION by Christian Dior. Read it by the pool, or by the jazz, and apply what you’ve read in a fashionable way, fashionista!

Christian Dior reveals the secrets of style in this charming handbook that no woman should be without. An indispensable guide that covers everything from what to wear to a wedding and how to tie a scarf to how to walk with grace, The Little Dictionary of Fashion is full of timeless tips. From afternoon frocks and accessories to traveling and tweed, Dior’s expertise ensures every girl will know the three fundamentals of fashion: simplicity, grooming, and good taste. Published for the Victoria and Albert Museum’s Golden Age of Couture exhibition celebrating the 50th anniversary of Dior’s “New Look” and illustrated with delightful photographs and drawings, this handbag-sized classic is the perfect gift for style-conscious women. Taken from Amazon.com

Alas, the 5 sins have been written.

Shop your hearts out, for like I’ve said, shopping is a therapy. Therefore, to satisfy further, pop by Homeclub on 21 March 09 for the Fashion flea by FleaFlyFloFun. RSVP now!

Till then, ciao fashion people.

Love, Jessica Ye.


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