Out from the screen

I was so glad I stayed home this morning, that I managed to catch the ‘live’ telecast of the OSCARS on television (Yes, the long awaited Oscars).

Amongst the glam and glitter, Heath Ledger’s win in Best suppporting actor was rather predictable and teary. His presence never made such an impacting impact before, but it is now after his death, the audience was filled with tears as his family members (his father, mother and sister) read out the note of thanks and gratitude. We all miss Heath Leger.

Other than that, Slumdog Millionaire is the greatest winner this year, bagging a total of 8 awards, including the biggest Oscar award, Best picture. I was so glad and happy for that as I felt the movie was indeed marvelously told through a sentimental, touching and emotional lifestory of an indian boy and how he grew up, and his win in the ‘Who wants to be a millionaire?’ show. Although I’m not the sort who would get all teary and all watching sad movies, I must say when I watched this movie last thurday, it really touched my heart and remind us of the morale of humans and how fortunate we really are as compared to the lives of Indians in Mumbai. For those of you who haven’t watch it, I encourage you to do so.

Other major wins include the Curious case of Benjamin Button, Batman: The Dark knight and Milk.

I especially like the part where Queen Latifah sang for the Oscars Tribute(yes, she sang pretty well and her gown looks GREAT on her).

Still, I think there’s sort of a major change this year prior to the fact that the most award-winning film this year is not of European, American and what-not, but of India. It has beaten the likes of other years where a foreign film has entered the Oscars, such as the Crouching tiger, hidden dragon, Memoirs of a Geisha and so on. Way to go, Slumdog Millionaire!

So anyway, a little more sewing to go for children’s wear and the boards required for submission, and it’s done.

Till then, ciao.

Love, Jessica


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