Childlike fashion

Step into a whimsical past of childhood reminiscence, tales, magic and freedom as I embark on an adventurous project on childrenswear. OshKosh being a chosen brand, is extremely colorful and comfortable for children these day, and I aim to bring that across in my final garment.

So far, my toile is pretty much done, with minimal amendments needed to be done to the masterpieces, thereafter, the pattern pieces.

Then, it’s fabric shopping tomorrow. I anticipate a long day tomorrow, with lots of walking to be done hunting for the appropriate fabrics.

So now, it’s time I go to bed. For those of you who don’t know yet, the photos of my finished couture gown are up on Facebook in ‘Couture the Architecturist’ album, accessible only to those in my friend list due to copyright issues.

What’s up tomorrow and the day after: fabric shopping, clubbing (maybe), fashion flea at Home Club, massive shopping, massive sewing, fashion illustrations, technical drawing etc. etc.


Jessica Ye


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