Head Fascinations

Don’t you love IT????

This headpiece by Noel Stewart is simply fantabulous, it’s so in line with my theme of ‘Architecturist’ for my couture collection 2010. The different tones of grey give this piece a splendid dimensional and sculptured look, and there’s much dramaticism due to to the uneven lengths of each fold. I want to make one of this too! That being said, this shall be my new upcoming experiment (jeez! I sound like a scientist, except I experiment with fabrics and wearable art) with even more drama.

This one is vaguely simple, except the usage of drapes (of either organza or chiffon due to the opacity) in fuchsia pink is a striking combination with the monochrome black, highly theatrical don’t you think?

I thought the choice of material for this headpiece was extremely intelligent since it strikes a perfect balance with the deep red lipstick used by the model. However, what’s disappointing is the shape of the head piece itself. I don’t know about you, but I felt that it is an uncanny resemblance of a farmer’s hat, and it’s not doing justice is the beautiful material. What a pity!

And lastly, the black headpiece. I thought this was beautiful due to the tapes hidden inside the headpiece yet, it is visible via the opacity of the black fabric. It sort of give a mystery twist to the tapes and it’s very three-dimensional too.

I think i have a headpiece fetish.




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