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Alas, the long time spent on my HEP 5 gown is finally over. It was overall an extremely nightmarish process with lots of sleepless nights, sewing problems due to a combination of pleats with hard interfacing and boning with wire around the entire skirt portion. Serve me right for being overly ambitious.

Thankfully, the current project isn’t as bad as the gown, in fact, I should be able to complete it with a breeze. Choosing Osh Kosh B’ Gosh for this children wear collection was a choice I made so that I could at least avoid materials such as satin for now. So its more of denim, cotton twill, cotton drill and what not for this collection. It’s currently still in development stage as I’ve only started on this project today.

Apart from the above mentioned, my personal issues, in fact, my love life is rather messed up. I used not to like him although he’s there when I need help and I don’t feel any guilt for that, I always thought of him as just a friend and nothing more as it is not possible between us due to uncommon interests and topics. But I realized that the person I’ve been thinking about is him despite attempts to push the thoughts of him out of my mind. What’s wrong with me? Even though I like him, I just can’t find myself to accept him. Has all the stress from school and projects numbed my heart, making me oblivious to the fact that I like him. I’m as confused with my own feelings.

I need a love doctor.


Jessica Ye


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