The purest form

Alas, my Italian module is over with a roleplay today, and an exam yesterday. Thankfully, I did well (i think…) So anyway, I’m currently helping my bestfriend with her fashion forecasting project whereby she’s required to take photos of trendy people (yes, it’s like streetsnaps; Singapore’s version of The Satorialist and of course, The Satorialist itself). Till now, I only managed to take one amidst the crazy hectic drafting of our gown. Ideas, anyone?

Now then, what have I been burying my head into those past few days. Chinese New Year for one was a blast, though I won’t say I received alot of money, but the food and company; heavenly! And I must say I’m quite satisfied with my Italian Art presentation this wednesday, presenting the three notable figures of the High Renaissance and their extremely grandeur paintings/sculptures.

Our favorite David sculpture, and also, the world’s most famous sculpture to date

The graceful and courteous ‘Three Graces’ by Raffaello Sanzio

‘Lady with a Unicorn’ by Raffaello Sanzio

And of course, the enigmatic ‘Mona Lisa’ by Leonardo Da Vinci

Anyway, more photos to come from Zureena’s fashion forecasting project. Yes Melissa, I’m posting your photos whether you like it or not. (don’t hate me for that.. hahaha!)

P.S. I want these Doc Marten’s. They are too hawt!

Ciao, Jessica Ye.


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