Take a walk with me through time

Alas, the season for Chinese New Year here in sunny Singapore and holidays, finally! For those of you who don’t know, Chinese New Year is likened to New Year (yes, the 1st January new year), but at a different time of the year, with lots of madarin oranges, pineapple tarts (the Nyonya ones are especially good) and lots of Hong Pows (red packets filled with money). And lastly, my favorite curry and nyonya dishes from my beloved Nyonya grandmother (trust me, her food taste wonders).

And now, to kill the chase and get straight to the point, our class got a great extension of deadline for gown toile till next wednesday, hooray!!!! However for Italian, we aren’t that lucky. We got to do a presentation on our chosen topic: Italian Art next wednesday, a report, poster and a script for a later role play. Gosh!

But—- before I begin those tiring projects, fashion please.

19th century, quilting, caps… what does it spell?

Nonetheless, Alexander McQueen strikes again, with a great spell over RTW Fall 2009  men’s fashion which seems to be working really well for him.  Alexander McQueen showed a traditional, gentlemanly collection alive with craftsmanship and virility.  “I wanted men’s wear to be more masculine, “ he said.

 Benissimo, McQueen!

Don’t all the models/clothes remind you of Johnny Depp in Sweeney Todd? As much as he is a murderer with killer eyes and chiselled jaws, we all love him, don’t we?

Well, news says that heis set to marry Sweeney Todd’s vocal coach, Vanessa Paradis in April this year.

The actor recently admitted there is only one detail holding him back from marrying the French beauty — her perfect name.

He explained, “It would be a shame to ruin her last name! It’s so perfect — Vanessa Paradis. So beautiful. It would be such a drag to stick her with Paradis-Depp. It’s like a flat note! But if she ever said, ‘Hey, let’s get hitched’, I would do it in a second.”

That’s what he says, but he will marry her eventually. Aren’t we happy for the both of them?

Love, Jessica Ye


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