I promise you’ll get a gown.

After that long hiatus, buongiorno (good day in italian).

These days, I’ve been pretty much burried myself with sketches and illustrations and sketches non-stop from day till night, trying to get ideas for my ideal theme in preparation for the big deal- drafting, sewing and realising the finished design. So far, everythings been very fine (i hope) during my consultations with my lecturer Carol. Ah, to let you in a bit, my theme has something to do with architectural design.

On the other hand, I didn’t participate in TP design open house this time round as there’s barely any time left for this kind of events, especially in the midst of Apparel Design Project and Italian (Si, io sono parlo abastanza italiano). However, I did manage to catch the fashion show yesterday featuring my seniors’ Youth Olympic Games designed garments. Needless to say, the garments were terrific and well-done, yet the models whom Harvey send out couldn’t even walk properly, with the exception of Riduan of course. They simply made the clothes look ordinary and boring, period. I thought last year’s open house show was much better, at least the models were all from design school and they CAN walk, that’s for sure (besides Doralin was one of the models).

Anyway, I better get back to my sketches and I need to brush up my Italian (I have a test this tuesday!!!! ah!). Italian is not easy, especially the pronunciation bit when Sabrina (the lecturer) did the tongue-rolling thing to pronounce any words with the double ‘r’ or ‘rl’ and what-not. But other than that, I think I’m grasping more vocabs each time I revise, though I still mix up certain words and all. Hopefully I can get it right soon, or I’m screwed (hahahahaha. I’m just exxagarating. Now back to my busy busy work.

A song for you all: I’m good, I’m gone by Lykke Li. (the video’s splendid, don’t you think so?)


Jessica Ye


2 responses to “I promise you’ll get a gown.

  1. good luck with your italian test!!!! u cannot do the R rolling thing issit? dun worry, not many people can also! some other ppl also cannot wink…so u aint that peculiar 😛 hahaha. joking 😛

    • Hahaha.. I did well for Italian test, thanks to your greatest wishes. =)
      I can do the RRR rolling thing now, and many more.
      My new found talent– as if.
      I can wink too.
      So I’m not peculiar at all.

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