Countdown to New Year, bye bye 2008

As countdowns are getting the warmups and crowds swamming in parties all over to celebrate the close of the great year and the birth of a greater year, the much anticipated seconds to 12am tonight will definitely influence everyone on the globe.

Yet the definite question is:


Indeed, the year 2008 will carve a great memory in all of us, in good and in bad. This is a compilation of major significant events in 2008 that changed our lives:


1. Death of fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent

2. Lehman brothers became bankrupt

3. Global financial crisis

4. Little Nyonya became the no.1 top Mediacorp drama series in thewhole of past 8 years

5. First black American President, Barrack Obama, in the whole of history

6. Illinois Governor accused of selling Obama’s vacant Senate seat.

7. Death of Singaporean in recent Mumbai terrorist attacks

8. Butter Factory announced move to One Fullerton as of 2009

9. Disaster Movie speaks for itself; a disaster

10. Moonlight Resonance stars bagged most awards in TVB 2008 Anniversary award show, including Best Drama, Best Actor and Best Actress award

11. Mediacorp did not conduct a Star Award this year

12. McKey bagged an Elite Model Management contract when she emerged as winner of America’s Next Top Model season 11.

13. Madonna’s Sticky and Sweet Tour 2008 is the highest grossing tour at No. 1 on the globe. Bravo, Queen of Pop!

14. Temasek Design School is the FIRST school outside UK to win the design industry’s Oscars, D&AD’s ‘Student of the Year award’ in the whole of history

15. John McCain sang his own rather off-tune version of Beach Boys’ ‘Barbara Ann’ with “Bomb bomb bomb, bomb bomb Iran.”

16. Newly crowned President of Taiwan, Ma Ying-jeou is claimed to be the most handsome president in the world alongside Barack Obama

17. Political became fashion; Obama became a hot fashion topic, gracing threads of several fashion designers such as Sonia Rykiel’s show in Paris Fashion Week

18. Roman fashion couturier Valentino retired from his exquisite threads this year and bid his farewells to all who supported him over his extraordinary journey with his signature ‘Valentino Red’. Tears, indeed.

19. Return of the supermodel; Claudia in Chanel, Linda in Prada, Naomi in YSL and Christy in Escada strikes it back with more omph, truimph, and wows.

20. Wall-E scored a place on TIME’s top 10 movie list despite an almost no-dialogue genre of two lonely characters on a deserted planet.

21. Edison Chen and Gillian Chung intimate bedroom details were splashed over the web after he sent his laptop for repair, giving Edison no more alternatives but to quit the Hong Kong entertainment industry despite making debuts in several Hollywood movies. Next time, be very careful what’s in your computer before you send for repair.

22. Hunky bassist from Fall Out Boy, Pete Wentz married Ashlee Simpson in front of family and friends. The couple is in company with their newly born Bronx Mowgli. Pete is anticipating more kids though, “at least six”, he claimed. That’s a happy ending, isn’t it?

23. Dark Knight actor Heath Ledger died at the age of 28 due to possible drug overdose. Reports cited Mary kate Olsen as the cause of his death as she was the last one he contacted before he died in her apartment.

24. Amy Winehouse dumped her beehive hairdo for a less dramatic-yet-badly-tressed hairdo with an obvious bald patch, no thanks to drugs. No remedy will salvage this girl’s fashion fate, rehab or not.

25. Former indie act The Ting Tings went mainstream whilst enjoying fame and replays on all radio stations with their iconic ‘That’s not my name’ .

26. Ministry of Sound (MOS) Singapore closed and is replaced by Zirca Mega Club, Yello Jello and Rebel.

27. Model was denied entry into Ministry of Sound Singapore despite an obvious stint in the Vaunt III fashion show. Mayhem was caused.

Now then, what will 2009 hold for us?

Hold on tight, as we countdown to the final seconds of an impacting year, and remember, strap yourself with the ten fashion commandments in preparation for the next year. We will survive this great year with a bang.


Jessica Ye

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