A warm welcome to all friends and visitors alike to my new blog on a bright and sunny day. As of this moment, this blog will be the only blog which I would be writing on, so for those of you who haven’t update my new blog address, kindly do so as I would not be using Crimson-secret anymore.

To start off, let me summarize the daily happenings in my life for the past week.

As you all know, I love engaging in activities, especially fashion-related ones or even better, fashion events to get involve in the latest happenings and such. So in order to kill some boredom back in my September holidays and also to enrich my design portfolio, I’ve joined 100X Strut fashion charity event organized by *Scape and Young Fashion Designer Society (YFDS) in the name of raising funds for Dove Self-Esteem funds, whereby I’ve contributed 2 outfit designs from my ‘Funky Town Spring/Summer08 collection’ . With the sponsored fabrics from Kaybee International, I’ve engaged myself in a whole production process from drafting to cutting to sewing in a span of one month plus, including an unforgettable photoshooting at Nanyang Technological University Art& Design campus. During the whole process, I was also engaged in a mentoring session with renowned Singapore fashion designer, Ben Wu who was, in fact, a very humble man. I’ve learnt many interesting insights of certain aspects in the local fashion industry, including his advices and key to success. He also shared several constructive feedbacks on our individual design portfolio which really enable to sculpt my portfolio to the fullest potential. The whole runway fashion show at *Scape Youth Park on the 20th of December 2008 was a success where two of my friends Doralin and Zureena modelled my designs despite a long and hectic waiting process during the rehearsals, hairstyling, makeup and what-not. I’m really grateful for their generous effort for being there, and for those who did turn up for the show, thank you all guys!!!!!! (And also thanks for those who couldn’t turn up yet sent your support over, I really appreciate it!)

For the sake of everyone, I’ve uploaded all photos taken backstage and at the actual runway show on facebook!!!!) Click HERE to access photo album.

Moving on, I’ve also decided to spend the last weeks (s) of my holiday in a meaningful yet enjoyable way. Last monday (22 Dec 2008), I’ve spent my monday in a cycling trip with Debs, Iris, Eliza, David and the rest of the group at East Coast Park. I’ve managed to cycle all the way from East Coast to Changi jetty and then, back to East Coast Park. Upon reaching East coast, it started raining cats and dogs, thus, Debbie, Iris, Daryl and Iris’s friend decided to walk to Parkway Parade’s BK for lunch while the rest went on to Carl’s Jr near Big Splash. After lunch, we walked around PP and went on to Roxy Square as Daryl wanted to buy some antiques. Then, it was back under the hot blazing sun where we walked from Roxy Square all the way to Joo Chiat area for some photography shots. It’s been ages since I walked around so much under the hot sun; apparently, I’m not a fan of hot weather at all. As a result, I suffered a little sunburn, but it wasn’t really obvious, thank goodness.

Wednesday was Christmas at Uncle’s and Grandma’s place. It was great seeing my cousins after so long (it’s ironic since they actually stay one block away from me). Steamboat was delicious and obviously, the presents were even better. It was extremely enjoyable looking at my little cousin Faith who, despite a young age of 8 can pinpoint every single title of movies being featured in Disaster movie (darn, that movie really live up to its name, it is REALLY a disaster). On a whole, I’m really looking forward to meeting all of them again for New Year.]

More events coming up soon; COUNTDOWN, NEW YEAR, 1/2 and 2/2 Butter Never Dies, School (urgh!) and more birthdays.

Till then, stay around peeps!

Love, Jessica Ye.


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